South Loch Citrus & Lime Flower Gin

South Loch Citrus & Lime Flower Gin, has a dry juniper and zesty citrus base, finished with aromatic notes of kaffir lime leaves and linden lime flowers

We use carefully selected dry and fresh botanicals to make this gin special. Our citrus is freshly zested and pressed to provide the freshness which elevates the refreshing character of this gin.

For a classic G&T we recommend using a citrus fruit of your choice. We often use both orange and lemon slices but the gin will equally work with the more citric element of fresh lime or the sweeter style of pink grapefruit.

A great martini is always the sign of a superb gin. The citrus character of the gin lends itself perfectly to a very dry citrus twisted martini. We would recommend only 3-5ml of vermouth to 50-75ml of gin stirred slowly until ice cold and served with a large twist of your citrus peal of choice.